Two groups out tonight. Katie, Edvin and Brendan went to Nettle for a trip down and back. Alan, Helen and I went to Winnats Head Cave.

I really like this trip and it was more fun the second time. Alan had to scoop more rocks than last time out of the tight entrance squeeze. Perhaps someone just thought it was fun to throw rocks down there. Once that was cleared a bit we squeezed through. Getting to know a cave is a great thing. It lends itself to being a friend that you haven’t visited in a while but enjoy their company. Winnats is great as you really feel you are just descending deeper into the hillside..well it is all downhill. I try to forget that climbing down means eventually climbing back up.

We spent some time in Fox chamber. The Conservation Audit mentions stalagmites in the Main chamber but on two trips I have not seen any of note. There are also flowstones in the lower level which are all in good shape. I always think a swim is in order at the bottom but probably never will.

Climbing back out is always a fun boulder slide with some tight squeezes. My plan for every caving trip is to stay in the middle of the group. That way I always have someone’s knee or shoulder and sometimes head to stand on. It works a treat.

We made it out in time to have a beer at the Cheddar and met up with Katie and Brendan. There is nothing quite like that after caving pint.

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