Bagshawe Cavern

The Eldon always have a number of active digs undergo in Bagshawe.

One that is currently receiving quite a lot of attention is the "Dead Ahead Dig" in the Full Moon Series.

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Not a great deal of activity in Bagshawe this year from Team Average.

Trips have been limited due to work commitments, however after last years distraction of the La-La dig, this year we had to decide if we should remain at Dead Ahead or leave and carry on with the lower series dig.

We dragged all the kit needed in during the winter months, to get cracking at dead ahead. The plan soon changed when the water levels dropped. Our quick referendum decided to leave Dead Ahead and have another crack at La-La.

We have made good progress over a few trips, and have now opened up a standing room chamber. The way on seems to be upwards still, so I decided to consult John Taylor for details of the sump survey’s. On speaking to John we now realise our referendum may have been a sham (typical). We believed we were digging towards a tube, when in fact there is a good possibility it could go to surface close to the resurgence.

With water levels now back to normal, the Dead Ahead(xit) may be over after all. 2019 looks to be a return to Dead Ahead, although Mr Eavis informs me in a vote of no confidence that the dig is full of water.

To make matters worse, the Bowling Green has changed hands, and we are now left without a suitable watering hole. We should have seen this coming and arranged a proper backstop, maybe Mr Farage could help us with that one...

Onwards to glory (even if we are a bit slow).

Bog & Dave Cowley

Lala dig 19.09.2017

Bog/Dave Cowley


Team average attempted to carry on with the Lala dig last night .Unfortunately the water levels are now to high to continue this year ,and the trip was cut short .Many thanks to Dave, for giving me the pleasure of swimming up to my neck.

On a more positive note, we were able to get in the pub for 9 o,clock . Hurrah .

Sadly the butties don't come out until late ,and we missed them .Very average evening in the end .



Left and left again

We returned to the lower series left hand passage. On the third trip last night we started pulling boulders out of a choke 2mtrs in .

A return is planned with a longer poking device. Not being a place to visit in anything but dry weather, we may need the winter water to drop the choke if we don't get back in time .

There are a number of passages to the left of this passage, and lots of water coming in around this area, so fingers crossed.


Bog , Dave Cowley


Left hand passage dig .

Bog , Dave Cowley May 2017

After yet another setback at Dead Ahead, with water filling the dig face , we welcomed an excuse to check out a new lead.

During a previous tourist trip I noticed a silt bank just before the sump in left hand passage .

It is very similar to the Paternity dig, with a potential tube coming in at a bend in the passage near a sump.

The first trip hit a solid wall at the back, at roof level, but Dave stuck a crowbar through the silt on the right hand side, just as the pub alarm went off.

On our return this week ,we have lowered the dig face again ,and I have have high hopes of a passage beyond ,although it's size is very restricted at the moment .

A large amount of water comes in ,on the beds in the roof at this point, which keeps the sump filled up . No doubt if it goes we will probably hit mine at some point . The Bowling Green car park would be better so fingers crossed.


Tuesdays 24/01/17 07/02/17 14/03/17

Bog, Dave

I am pleased to report there will be no more messing around with pumps, pipes, jubilee clips, fittings etc. An impressively efficient siphon is now up and running and drains the pool/duck (we inadvertently created by digging) in around 10-15 mins with minimal faff.

Now the sideshow of pumping is no more, good progress is finally being made at the sharp end with encouraging signs that are keeping enthusiasm high.


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