The Library

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The Eldon library is housed in Derbyshire and is available for the use of members. Contact the Librarian more information. Below are (incomplete) lists of the publications contained in the library.

Subject File name (click to download) Last Updated
Library List of Journals and Magazines eldon_library_list_journals_mags.pdf 25th November 2007 (incomplete)
Library List of Books and Articles eldon_library_list_books_articles.pdf 25th November 2007 (incomplete)

October 2008 - The library has been moved to it's new home in Tideswell and is available for use. It is sorted into collections and ordered but not yet catalogued. Please contact the Librarian if you are able to help out by spending some time cataloguing the contents of the library. I am willing to co-ordinate the job/maintain the master list but I can't do it on my own as it takes absolutely ages.