Alan, Helen, Edvin, Sam, Kelly, Beth, Chris, John, Grace and Victoria

It was a good night out for the Tuesday Nighters. Several clubs in attendance and a new cave for some. I think its my third or fourth time down Winnats Head and it’s a cave I really enjoy. I always think it is a good cave for beginners as there is no SRT and then remember when I am in how tight sections can be. Alan likes to call the first tight bit (not even the entrance crawl) the fat man test. Well, if you can make it through there …you’ll make it to the sump. Started with 10 and after the first squeeze made it a party of 9. Still quite a fun party. I tried to emphasize that a few tall individuals in the front and some in the back. Grace and I have been there before…don’t leave the short ones behind. We made it down to the sump in an hour and had time to look around. Several went through the sewer and it was quite wet. Then we tackled gravity on the way back up. That postal slot is so much easier with a knee to stand on. Thank you. We made it out with time for a beer at the Cheese in Castleton. We must time things well these days as we met the fresher SUSS on the road in Castleton. A quick hello to the young ones with mud in the hair and a slightly dazed look in their eyes. Ah…cavers.

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