Luckily we were slight on company, this meant a hardy team of 4 established a successful dig in Project V. 

After an overly, elongated pre-beer we kitted up and set off on our 2 separate missions this eve; Rob and I to the survey between the 'known' swallet next door (containing a crucial bedding plane), whilst Sam and Chris were to hit the 'Plan B' dig with haste. Rob quickly calibrated the disto (within the shakehole next door) so we could start the survey, He first shot a few legs within said 'bedding plane' and then we proceeded across the field to Project V. It's much nicer surveying above ground, standing up, although you tend to get over ambitious with the leg length. We passed Sam and Chris in 'Plan B' and headed straight to 'Plan A'. Rob told me straight and refused my help surveying 'Plan A', grateful as there was a ton of water being engulfed. I shot over to 'Plan B' ad joined the crew, making myself as useful as possible. When Rob finally joined us we made fantastic progress removing spoil, Sam losing count of kibbles after 43. It appears we may have hit the edge of a bedding plane, albeit absolutely rammed full of gloop. Time will tell if this is potentially the same bedding plane in which the entrance is formed on at the cave next door. Rob surveyed down the dig and to the bedding then we skidaddled off to the Mechanic's for refreshments.  

Rob in survey Mode, JRP
Rob heading down 'Plan A', JRP

Chris at the dig face in 'Plan B', JRP
Sam hauling, JRP
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