Just Rob and I for tonight's adventure as Luke was of having a baby and Geoff couldn't be arsed... Late start as we didn't have much to do so went underground around 7:20pm. We wasted no time and ticked off jobs on our to do list. 

First job head down to the entrance to Brexit Rift and pick up the remaining scaffolding from down there. There was only a couple of lengths but pretty decent in size decorated with a few useful scaff clips. I had a quick look at what Rob and Geoff had done last week then Rob and I started our trip ferrying the pieces up through the ginged shaft Luckily Rob let me carry up the shorter length bless him. 

Next job was to wang as much scaffolding in to the choke as possible to ensure that if the whole thing was to move 'hopefully' our engineered route through the choke would still remain. After lots of fuck-whittery and in-adequate scaff cutting room we had finally ticked this off the list.

Final job was to remove the boulder blocking our route through to the spacious void we can see and hear beyond. Rob drilled a hole and once packed up we edged our way back to the main shaft. Slight hesitation to ensure we had everything we waited but the loud crack and rumble never happened, only a soft fart - DAMN!

This trip could've and would've been perfect but unfortunately it was ruined by the last 15mins. We headed out somewhat peeved and headed to the Red'n for the first pint of Belgium Blue of the season. Shall have to see what happens after a weeks worth of solitude down there.  

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