Continuing on we now needed to find the continuation of Harry Potters bedroom.

The first place to look was the chamber immediately to the right at the bottom of the stairs .This is full of rubbish including quite a bit of glass, but behind that is a silt bank in front of a natural bend in the passage .One corner certainly could be connected to the small dug out channel at the top end of Harry's and was probably open before the steps were cast on top of it .

We had hoped the silt bank was hiding a continuation ,but this was not the case . Somewhere lies the key to all this as the bottom of the steps has large natural passage obscured in many places by all the stacking .

Lockdown has stalled our efforts ,but there is a continuation around there just waiting to be found .

As soon as Boris says go we will resume the quest for Mulespinner series .

Dave Cowley , Bog (Team Average)

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