Just Rob, Jeff and myself on this evenings mission to tick off a few question marks left in the eastward extensions of Cussey. After a quick (freezing cold) pre-pint in t’Miners we headed over to the usual parking and hastily kitted up to get underground and out of the cold.

Rob pushed a tight continuation at the top of NCA pitch and after removing some rock (down the pitch) gained access to the continuation but was thwarted by a vertical boulder choke, with no draught present this was pied off.

Jeff and I double and triple checked a few holes in the floor of Time Warp I also made the second descent (ever) of Tight’un. The rift descends approx. 6m to an extremely dodgy fractured alcove which seems to be holding the weight of the world judging by its walls, the continuation in the floor becomes a too tight rift heading east and underneath Black Rift, again with little to no draught and dig access this was also pied off.

Now with Rob in tow we all went to examine the rift heading east from Movie Room. Here is another tight rift to descent for approx. 3-4m but with some mega loose boulders above your head and a large flake threatening to cap your tomb (and no draught) this was also pied off. Descending this rift would be super committing and exiting would be extremely hard without a ladder or SRT – It feels very much at home to something from The Dynamite Series in Carlswark.

We then inspected a traverse out from the head of Rocky Horror Pitch. Rob spotted this last week and a crawl up through boulders gained him a view through to a bedding plane but the entry was threatening to bury him alive. Luckily Jeff could eye his light from above and pushed down through large boulders and into the bedding which Luke had pushed into a few weeks previously but deemed unsafe. Jeff pushed a squeeze in the floor and once he had gardened enough pushed down a muddy slope to a 3m squared void in large boulders. This new chamber seemed to draught from east and above but with no obvious ways on it was decided that a dig in the bedding above would be the easiest way to access the draughty place. A return trip is planned to dig this along with the Mined level below in Rocky Horror and the floor of The Gloom Room.

We’re rapidly running out of leads in the eastward extensions of Cussey and with only a climb in the roof of Time Warp left to do after the stuff mentioned above we will then return our attention to the westward extensions.

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