02/07/2020 - Team Awesome & Dylan

After a quick pre-beer we were keen to get underground and attempt to reach the void we looked into on the previous trip. We we're all packed in at the sharp end some 2m apart and less than 1 minute from the entrance, stoked to crack on. Rob made a top job on capping the corner of a large boulder which was resting on the floor. Within 10 minutes we were through into a small ante-chamber perched underneath the really, really large roof collapse. I make it sound horrible but it's pretty bomber. Luke went through first and after removing a few boulders shouted back that there's a pitch down, maybe 6m, needs digging. Luke made it sound exciting and positive, Rob went through and spat in our faces and said it looked shit...

After chaining back some large boulders to the base of the entrance pitch Rob continued to cap but due to sheer stupidity within 10 more minutes we'd ran out of caps and could progress no more! Well done Rob... We left it looking pretty good and it the newly discovered pitch looked tight but seemed to open up less than a metre below us.

Scared Lukey Boy - JRP

So it was still mega early and after questioning our sanity we took a trip over to the western limits to check out Rob's dig at the bottom of climb 2. Rob and Dylan had dug down through boulders for 1.5m but now it was my turn to spit in Rob's face in which I wasted no time once in the dig and told him it looked SHIT. After a brief mutter from his soul he agreed and we bailed for the night, Dylan did well and only almost nearly killed only two members of TA - Thanks Dylan.


09/07/2020 - Team Awesome & Dylan

Tonight was it, tonight was the big breakthrough night. Dylan treated us by bringing some mega shit Peroni knock-off lager from Aldi - Thanks, which we all promptly refused. He's never gonna become a member with these methods but he's young so we'll let him off this one time.

After quick pre-beers we we're soon all underground and ready for action. Two of us under the large roof collapse two at the base of the shaft so we could remove rocks efficiently. Rob made excellent work capping the bedrock and made even more excellent work in dropping a massive boulder 2m down the vertical rift and unreachable from our chamber - Idiot.

Give me the hammer! - JRP

Now with enough space to get his small feeble body down rob started smashing away with his little hammer. He was soon down at the boulder and made top work of chucking it to the bottom of the pot. Now wide open he weaseled his way to the bottom and shouted us to come down. What we can all fit? - YUP. 

Dylan at the top of Nomenca Rift - JRP

We rapidly slithered down and it was fairly spacious down there. We were now stood at the bottom of a rift with a way heading back up to below our small squeeze. Here was super necky and had lots of signs from the tip which had been dumped from above - also a large cattle bone which Luke modelled fantastically for me. To our east the rift turned at a right angle into a nasty looked boulder choke - DANG.

Luke and his bone - JRP

We all had a quick fettle, and after a few spooky (brown pants) moments we gave the drill to Dylan and he made top work of capping the first boulder which none of us dare go near. Luke continued and removed a large proportion of the choke and we finally left it at a point where it started to look dead interesting again. Large voids and rocks falling down pitches. Excited but still scared we all agreed it was pub time and we definitely needed to return with scaffolding. We roughly measured up made our way up top. 

Unlucky for us we missed the pub so ended up having a couple of tins and left Dylan to his terrible choice in post caving refreshments.

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