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We split the trip today with all members of Team 4some present - Rob, Jon, Luke & Jeff.

After pre-beers at The Miners Rob and Jeff went to survey the magic roundabout loop which leads back via The Rocky Horror pitch. They completed the loop and headed down to the bottom of Rocky Horror which after a little digging found a hole in the floor which was strongly draughting outwards and worth another look.

Lukey boy and I headed to the Black Rift convinced we were on to a quick breakthrough. Sadly we were hugely disheartened after a lot of effort removing some rather large slabs of rock from the floor without entombing ourselves we managed to catch a glance through a hole between boulders but it didn't look very promising so we buggered off. 

m pretty sure Luke packed in caving at least a couple of times during this trip. We were hoping Jeff would be writing a much better report with a fresh perspective to the place but unfortunately it looks like he'll be going back on the aspirant list pretty soon.

Here's a picture of Luke to cheer everyone up